Social Media Marketing

How is Social Media Marketing different from Content Marketing?


Social Media Marketing is the large net we cast to show off your content. It's definitely the best way we get your content out there for all to see. Your blog posts, your videos, and such, all get shared through social media in order to bring potential customers to your website. But there are many ways to get your goods in front of others, both those who follow you and those who should be following you.

First, we help you build a crowd of engaged followers. We might use contests or coupons, adverts or sponsored posts. Our team stays on top all the latest trends and details of how to best utilize the ad tools that are available to help market your business through the differing social media channels. Knowing what works best on Facebook versus what reaches audiences on Twitter, what content should be shared through LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Instagram—all part of the social media marketing effort.

Social media is indeed social—it's the new "word of mouth." And we want your brand to also be social and in on the conversations between customers and potential customers. A fully engaging brand is a social brand, a human brand. And this leads to engaged followers. Which leads to more sales!

The TCB Guys are ready to help your company become a socially engaged company, with socially engaged customers. Let's get started. Contact us now!