Search Engine Optimization (SEO) | Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

What does it mean to be optimized for search engines?


SEO (and it's sibling, SEM—using paid ads for search results) is all about making sure that people can actually find you when they search for your services on the internet. As Google is the single largest search engine, and most people use Google when they need to search for anything and everything, SEO really revolves around where you show up in a Google search.

The latest studies show that, on average, 80% of all Googlers will click one of the first three results that show up in any given search. Only 10% of users click on any of the 7 others listed on the first page. And only 10% go on to page 2. If there is one thing we can all agree on, it's this: It is rather important that you rank high on that first page of results! So, how do we get there?

Website basics. If you don’t have a website, we have to back up a bit and start with a website—a search engine optimized website! Google has some 400+ parameters used in its ranking algorithm. Some are way more complex than others.

To get your foot in the door, though, you really must have a few of the basic components completed on your website, even if it is a simple static electronic brochure. Without the basics, Googlebot won’t know how to categorize you and will pass right on by (so to speak). Since we want and need high rankings in Google searches, digital marketing starts here.

We look at your website from both the user perspective and through the coding to make sure as many of the basic features are in place. Is the navigation clear and logical? Is it mobile-friendly (Google recently updated its algorithm to favor mobile-friendly websites over non-mobile-friendly)? These are important factors to consider from the user perspective.

From the back-end, whether you are using Wix, Squarespace, or a WordPress site (or coding your own html if you are brave enough), we optimize the use of each page's meta tags and add "structured data" or "rich snippets" where appropriate in order to make your site listings look as good as they can in Google search results. You can read more about these if you are feeling like getting a closer look under the hood yourself.

Key Phrase Analysis. In order to fully optimize your website and then be able to move forward with any targeted marketing, we must research what people are searching for when they go to Google to find your services.

We find the best converting phrases (the most specific search terms users look for: “Flagstaff ABA Therapy provider” will Google better results than “ABA Therapy” if you want to find a therapist in your area) and begin using them in smart ways within your website. I say “in smart ways” because Google has been on to the “keyword stuffing” methods of the past for quite some time.

From key words to long tail key phrases, we make sure your site is truly optimized with the right phrases used in the most meaningful ways—they must make sense within the context of the page itself (and varied as we are able). Using Google’s webmaster tools, we are able to get a good look at your site to evaluate how well you are using key phrases and optimize as best as can be.

Regular reviews of your site, your key phrase analysis, and your use of key phrases and further optimization and/or modification are pertinent to see a steady climb in the search rankings. Which leads to more clicks. Which leads to more sales!

The TCB Guys want to get started finding the best ways to help you reach your highest rankings. Shoot us a note and we can get started right away!